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Lost in Massage

Break out the Shovel

Posted on 2/26/2015 by Jane Bridgeforth in winter snow shovel

It is snowing...again. Its winter so are we really all that surprised?

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The Medusa Moment

Posted on 2/22/2015 by Jane Bridgeforth in medusa notification

It’s really quite simple. Just wait until you are in the midst of your massage and I have settled into a great flowing rhythm – this is the perfect setting. All you have to do now is casually mention that you forgot to mention "something important".

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Posted on 2/16/2015 by Jane Bridgeforth in travel outcall

I have done outcalls recently. Do you know what an outcall is?

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No Mas!

Posted on 1/30/2015 by Jane Bridgeforth in stress winter

Has the winter wonderland weather finished slapping you around yet? Those of you who do not have the option to stay home in terrible weather have my sympathy.

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Knuckle Up

Posted on 1/15/2015 by Jane Bridgeforth in inflammation joints knuckles

When push comes to shove, then it is time to knuckle up! Have you heard that expression before?

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